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Many times during investigations we find that the work we are doing would benefit from a tool or utility.  Many times we find that these tools don't exist, or if they do exist are cost prohibitive and we only need 1% of the included functionality.  It's at times like these that we are happy to have a software development background and we create our own.  

Below are several of these tools, free for use, but with no implied warranty or other guarantees.  Use at your own risk, and verify results.  If they prove helpful, send us a note of thanks.  



Hashtool V1.3

August 27, 2017

The Bitscope hashtool is a Windows, command line application for hashing files and extracting file system MAC meta-data.  Provides support for MD5 and SHA hashing, as well as source line counting, and stores the results into a CSV file.  Can hash a single file, a directory, or traverse all directories and files found under a root directory.

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