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The FBI knocks at your door....

The FBI shows up at your door and tells you your network is totally owned by foreign attackers.  What do you do?  They would like to take full forensic images of key executives' computers and review your company's private infrastructure.  You're inclined to assist in the name of protecting the country from foreign attackers, certainly more than a little worried about what this means for your company, and ultimately you're unsure of what the best next move for you and your company is. 

Bitscope's consultants have been there before and helped companies separate fact from allegation, navigate requirements and reasonable evidence productions, and protect their companies.  

CBI Exposure

Our cyber team worked to help contain and understand a large scale exposure of Confidential Business Information for a small privately held company.  The exposure was quickly contained, the scope identified and relevant parties notified.  Ultimately members of our cyber team were able to prove that little to no confidential data was accessed during the exposure period.

PII Exposure

Members of our cyber team worked on a project where a large public utility had inadvertently exposed the usernames and passwords to customer accounts.  The exposure had been ongoing, and the accounts included data such as home address, bill pay, banking and other sensitive financial and personal data.  Our consultants were able to identify the source of the exposure, as well as specific identifying traces in security and operational logs, that led to a firm conclusion, that while the data was exposed, the data had never been accessed or viewed.

Ransomware Recovery

Incident Response is critical for the success of any cyber program.  As hard as we work to avoid it, incidents occur and how we respond can spell the difference between success and fines, regulatory investigations, and lost business.  

Members of our team worked Incident Response for a Ransomware attack.  This included identifying how the attackers gained access to the network, the scope of their activities, and ultimately recovering the majority of the client's data.

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