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Forensics Experience


In an advanced operation, International Counterfeiters were using web-based storefront technology to move illicit product and were receiving payments via PayPal.

The Project

Our forensics consultants worked on a project involving international counterfeiting and sales.  Engaged by US based counsel, we assisted with both traditional digital forensics analysis on personal computers, identifying instances of wiping and spoliation, as well as structured database analysis, showing systemic changes and alterations of sales data.

Our consultants managed international forensics teams operating in adverse conditions half a globe away, updating US based counsel as events unfolded on a daily basis.  

Overall the work performed by our consultants was an important part in convincing the court to award spoliation sanctions in our client's favor.

Skills Employed

SQL Server

Database forensics allowed our team to idenfity missing and altered transactions within the SQL Server database.


Traditional laptop and hard drive forensics allowed our team to identify wiping software and multiple attempts to destroy evidence.

expert report

Ultimately our consultants participated on a team effort drafting an expert report that was key in ultimately convincing the court that spoliation had occurred.


Partnering with our clients allowed our consultants to use their industry knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

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