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Data Analytics Experience

Insurance Fraud

Client was accused of mass insurance fraud and unjust enrichment.  Bitscope consultants were able to quickly analyze the data, identify the transactions, and follow the money.  Ultimately the case was voluntarily dismissed.

The Project

​Our data analytics consultants participated on a project where the client was being accused of large scale insurance fraud.  The investigation included analyzing data across multiple divisions within the organization, as well as data leaving and re-entering the organization.  Multiple organizations, dozens of complex transactions and several organizational divisions later it was shown that the client never fraudulently enriched themselves, the entire transaction process from start to finish was clearly and concisely explained, and the lawsuit was voluntarily withdrawn.

Skills Employed


Through interviews and research the entire process was understood and documented. The result was a complete transaction flow diagram that clearly depcited where the money went.

data analysis

Deep understanding of enterprise systems and data flow gave an insight into how the data moved through the organization, even as data moved through "black box" external organizations.


Informal reporting was provided that documented the data flow, and identified where the money finally ended up.  This was instrumental in the voluntary withdrawl of the class action.

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