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Forensics Experience

Medical Records

In a long running case, medical records and audit trail data were brought into question and anomalies identified by plaintiffs expert.  

The Project

The case had been going on for some time.  Defendant was accused of destroying evidence and deleting relevant medical records.  An court appointed neutral was brought in to answer questions of missing records.  While the Neutral answered many of the open questions, new questions were raised and left unanswered.  The audit trail appeared to have been edited multiple times, and on dates that made little sense.  

Bitscope founder, Charlie Platt, went onsite to meet with the hospital IT staff to try and provide answers to these questions.  Through detailed forensic examination of the database, forensic analysis of permanent medical records in the form of scanned TIFFs, and analysis of the underlying scripts and code that were used at the hospital for records management, all questions were resolved, and the issue of deleted records was set to rest.

Skills Employed


The data was stored primarily in an Oracle Database underpinning the  McKesson HCI and HCR systems.


Forensic analysis of Databases and programs provided the basis for an expert opinion on dates and values found within the data.


Bitscope Founder Charles Platt provided expert testimony that was critical in assisting the court and parties in understanding the data found in the audit trail.


Partnering with our clients allowed our consultants to use their industry knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

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